Feeding Our Place Waldorf in September

Feeding Our Place Waldorf in September

Enter stage left, NETWORK ARROW. Who is Network Arrow? Well, we are a non-profit referral networking group of small business owners that are focused on growing our businesses while giving back to the community by donating a portion of our revenues and time to local charitable organizations.OurPlaceWaldorf

For the month of September (2016) Network Arrow is pleased and overly excited to be helping OUR PLACE WALDORF (www.ourplacewaldorf.com). Our Place Waldorf provides meals to Charles County residents (of all ages/walks of life) who are in need. They strive to improve the quality of their life by fulfilling basic needs that some of us take for granted. Offering them a ride to the kitchen, clothes, food, to-go bags and more, they are a much needed asset to our community. At the current time, Our Place Waldorf is serving meals on Monday’s and Thursday’s at the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church (located at 305 Smallwood Drive, Waldorf, MD 20602). They are vigilantly working to either get a full-time location, or at least find a way to offer meals 7-days a week by expanding their current location. Serving up to 80 people a night is not an easy task and they are in constant need of help. So, if you are in the area, or have the ability to take a drive to Waldorf, MD, we urge you to find a few hours of your time to help them out in any way possible. You can sign-up to help at the kitchen from there website at www.ourplacewaldorf.com/support/meals. Meals are served from 5:00 pm to 6:15 pm, but help is needed from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Three different time slots are available to choose from, or you could choose all three slots, ranging a total of about 4 hours. A small allotted time to help out the less fortunate, when you look at the big picture.

Among other things, Network Arrow will be working towards helpingNA-GiveBack Our Place Waldorf in a variety of ways. We are proud to be sponsoring a dinner at their soup kitchen on Monday, September 26, 2016. Where we will supply all the food, cook, serve and clean. We will also be putting together some incredible to-go bags for their clients and perhaps have some blankets/pillows/clothes to offer anyone that is in need for them. Anyone that would like to participate, donate or get more information on this effort can contact ada@networkarrow.com or sharon@networkarrow.com.

Naturally, a place like Our Place Waldorf could use help in many different ways, so if you would like to give a donation, please do so by going to www.ourplacewaldorf.com/cash-contributions or by going to www.paypal.me/networkarrow and placing a note in the Special Instructions section that you wish to donate the money to Our Place Waldorf. We will be sure to let them know that the monies are coming from you when we supply them with a Visa gift card at the end of September (2016). In it, we will give them a list of the names that made the donation possible.

Some of the things that Our Place Waldorf are in immediate need of are canned foods with pop top lids (like pudding cups, fruit cups, stew, chili, tuna, vienna sausages, beans and weenies, pop tarts, cookies small bags of chips, granola bars, crackers, peanut butter, bottled water or small juice packs). They are also looking for 10 inch sturdy paper plates, dessert plates, bowls, 12 oz plastic cups, plastic utensils, Lysol wipes, napkins and paper towels.

Sept-Hun-Act-MonthIn Charles County Maryland, there are many individuals that need our help. It’s easy to pass by and ignore. But you would be amazed at how little effort it takes to actually make a difference in someones life. We hope you take this opportunity to give back and join us in helping out Our Place Waldorf, not just for the month of September during Hunger Action Month, but as much as you can afford to. Remember, it’s not always money that makes a difference, it’s time, word of mouth and more.

For more information or to get involved, go to:
Our Place Waldorf:   www.ourplacewaldorf.com      |    support@ourplacewaldorf.com
                                     150 Post Office Road, #532, Waldorf, MD 20604
Network Arrow:         www.networkarrow.com          |    info@networkarrow.com


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